August Show: Thoroughbred

Gabriel Mark Lipper

Scenes including gentlemen and ladies who appreciate the fine art of dressage and other equestrian events are the subject of “THOROUGHBRED”, a theme that has captured Gabriel Lipper‘s attention for the past few years culminating in a very successful show at the Rymer Gallery in Nashville, Tenn. in 2012. Inspired by a regional and west coast interest in Equestrian activity, he has created a new show opening at Hanson Howard Gallery.

“I love to paint. I’ve been blessed by timing. To be alive right now for this chapter in arts history is a phenomenal gift. Classicism, once pronounced “dead” is reemerging with a new contemporary vitality. The gifts of modernism: color, form, and abstraction, are now being seamlessly integrated with the craftsmanship and techniques of the past. How wonderful to have so much wealth at my fingertips!”

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Gabriel Mark Lipper

August 2 – 31, 2013

Reception: Friday, August 2nd, 5:00 – 8:00pm

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  1. Chandra Holsten Says:
    July 27th, 2013 at 9:06 am

    Hi Gabriel and Judy,
    Looks like another terrific show. Gabe, your work is always superb. I had a Thoroughbred as a kid. He was retired from the track and became the San Diego champion children’s Hunter for several years. Magnificent animal….long and rangy, 16 hands 6.
    Congratulations. I’ll try to get in to see it. Looks like a winner. All good luck and best wishes.

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